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Sport: Football (Washington Redskins cornerback) Baseball (Cincinnati outfielder)

Height: 6-foot-1

Weight: 195 pounds

Birthdate: Aug. 9, 1967

Birthplace: Fort Meyers, FL

Nickname: PrimeTime, Prime, Neon Deion

Childhood ambition: "To be successful. And take care of my family. I knew I was going to be a success no matter what."

Childhood sports hero: "Had four of 'em ... Muhammad Ali, Hank Aaron, OJ Simpson, and Julius Erving."

Family: Wife, Carolyn(Divorced); son, Deion Jr.; daughter, Deiondra; Second wife, Pilar; Son, Shilo

Greatest sports moment: "Being able to earn enough money to not have to have my mom (Connie) work again for the rest of her life."

Early sports memory: "I always wanted to make sure my parents (Mims, Connie) didn't have to work again for the rest of their lives."

Favorite vacation spot: "Just to be off work."

Most painful sports moment: "Any time I lose."

Pregame feeling: "Tired ... relaxed. Just think about the game. Think about playing great, having a great time. Helping my team win. Out there (on the field) ... deeply focused ... and intense. I feel invincible."

Favorite athletes: Shaquille O'Neal, Magic Johnson, Mike Tyson ("He's a winner ... the best. His desire for success can't be faded."), Rickey Henderson, Andre Agassi (He's exciting."), Gabriela Sabatini, Payne Stewart.

Favorite movies: The Five Heartbeats, The Mack ("Black history.")

Favorite meal: Fried Lobster, my wife's baked beans, with sweet iced tea

Favorite breakfast cereal: Honey Frosted Wheaties

Favorite ice cream flavor: Butter Pecan

Musical tastes: Rap, R&B, Marvin Gaye

First car: '74 red Toyota Celica ("Had it in '82, when I was 16.")

Hobbies: Fishing ("Fishing's relaxing, man. Most relaxing thing in my life. It's therapy for me. I don't think about business ... sports. All I think about is catching the next fish."), collecting comic book superhero capes.

First job: "Hustler. Just hustling."

Little known fact: Deion was a ROTC commander in high school.

Interesting fact: "I'm a businessman first."

People I most admire: Magic Johnson ("The person I admire the most. He's a great athlete. And a businessman. Very charismatic, very caring. He's a people's person.")

Future ambition(s): "To be the best father ever. I don't care what they say about me when I'm through with sports. I don't want to be known as anything else in life but a great father."

Quote: "Athletes know kids look up to them, and it's important for athletes to be responsible."

**For further biographical information on Deion, I suggest you Buy his book or get a copy of "Deion Sanders: Beyond the Glory"

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