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Deion's wife feeling at home in Syracuse

There's something Deion Sanders' wife would like to show him before he leaves the Syracuse SkyChiefs for the NFL or the major leagues.

Pilar (Biggers) Sanders, who married Deion in May 1999, attended Syracuse University from 1992-95. She wants to give her husband a tour of the campus.

"We've been up there, but we haven't looked around completely yet," Pilar Sanders said. "I want to take Deion by where I used to live and some of the places I used to go."

Pilar Sanders was born and raised in Elmira, which is about two hours southwest of Syracuse. She attended Syracuse from the start of her sophomore year in 1992 until the middle of her senior year in 1995, when she left school after signing a modeling contract.

Pilar Sanders' parents, Danny and Jeannette, still live in Elmira and recently visited their daughter and grandson, 17-month-old Shilo, in Syracuse for about one week.

"She's happy here," Deion said of his wife. "Her parents came up to see her, and she had some good times here."

Pilar Sanders has been featured in several sports, fitness and fashion magazines. She's also an actress, and she made television appearances in "Walker, Texas Ranger," "Veronica's Closet" and "The Pretender." She also appeared in the 1999 movie remake of "The Mod Squad."

Pilar is Deion's second wife. Shilo is Pilar and Deion's first child, and another is on the way. The baby is due Feb. 9, which is Shilo's birthday.

For now, Pilar said her acting and modeling careers are on hold.

"It's really important to take time off to raise my own children," she said. "I think that's how it should be."

Pilar, 27, said she has been pleasantly surprised by the sunny weather in Syracuse since her husband joined the team in late June. On a rainy morning last week, she said with a smile, "That's the Central New York I remember.

"I remember walking to class one morning, through all of the snow," Sanders said. "I fell in this big pile of snow, and my friends couldn't even see me."

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