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June 6/05--- PrimeTime plays on!

December 8/04--- Deion : Itching to Return

December 7/04---After missing four straight games with a toe injury, Deion is apparently on the mend. He ran some drills before last Sunday's game vs. Cincinnati and is SUPPOSED to be practising this week. If all goes well, he will suit up agaisnt the Giants on Sunday, December 12.

November 10/04---Nickel back Deion Sanders did not appear to be in any visible pain at the Ravens' complex yesterday, but the team will wait until later today before declaring his status for the New York Jets game on Sunday.

November 9/04---Deion injured a toe on his left foot in Sunday's game versus Cleveland. He is listed as day-to-day but I cannot find any news on him other than his injury will be reevaluated on Wednesday...I've also heard some real bad news that the injury could end his season, but that is purely speculation right now!! Keep your fingers crossed people, I will update as soon as I get anything.

October 29/04--- Deion shows he's not past his prime

October 27/04---DB Deion Sanders is back at it again, at the age of 37, and the league is noticing. On Wednesday the NFL will announce Sanders as the AFC Defensive Player of the Week for his performance against the Buffalo Bills this past Sunday at M&T Bank Stadium.

October 25/04--- Deion struts his stuff

October 22/04--- Deion will get plenty of respect from the Bills on Sunday

October 11/04--- Deion returns vs. Redskins

October 8/04---It's been a long time since I've updated but there's been a problem with my server. I don't know if you noticed but it has been hard getting into the site to update. Hopefully it is fixed...It also doesn't help that Deion hasn't played for the last two games. He is still listed as questionable for Sunday's game vs. Washington but he said that he would be playing!

September 21/04---Deion update: The Ravens will have to wait and see if Deion can play against the Bengals this week. Sanders injured his hamstring while covering Steelers wideout Plaxico Burress on Sunday, although it is not believed that he pulled the muscle. When asked his status for Sunday, Sanders jogged in place Monday, in an attempt to convince reporters he could play.

September 20/04---Deion injures hamstring: Ravens defensive back Deion Sanders strained a hamstring muscle in the second quarter of Baltimore's game against Pittsburgh on Sunday. Sanders apparently hurt himself covering Plaxico Burress on the final play before the 2-minute warning. After the game, Sanders was vague about the injury, and called himself “day-to-day.”

September 16/04--- Thin at WR, Ravens may give Sanders a whirl

September 13/04--- Ravens lose in Deion's return

September 11/04--- Quiet Time

September 9/04--- Interview with Deion's trainer

September 7/04---Deion changes number: Because Chris McAlister wears Sanders' trademark No. 21, it has prompted Sanders to make a fresh start. He decided yesterday to go with No. 37, which carries a significant message.

"He wants to make sure that every receiver doesn't forget his age," one team official said.**HAHA I absoultely love the idea!!

September 2/041--- Neon in Purple

September 1/04---Hello people! It's been over TWO LONG YEARS since I've updated, and over three years since we've seen "PrimeTime" on a football field but Deion is BACK!! I never thought that I would have the pleasure of seeing him play again, but today Deion Sanders signed a one year contract with the Baltimore Ravens. I thank all of you people out there that have continued to visit this site and I'll do my best to update you as much as possible. I will be putting up a Ravens Picture Gallery as soon as possible...It's PrimeTime baby!

July 25/02---Yes, I still update this page, but its been a LONG time...Anyways here are some recent pics of Deion and Michael Irvin at a K19: The Widowmaker premiere #1 #2

February 24/02---The football season is over and it's been a long time since I've updated but Deion is still keeping busy, next Friday, March 1st, Deion will host the Miss Teen USA pageant 9 pm est on CBS!

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